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Key battles to watch for: Leicester City vs Huddersfield

If we can’t win this one...

Leicester City v Huddersfield Town - Premier League Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Oh boy. This season kinda fell off the tracks at some point as Leicester City fell to their second straight defeat. They could really use a win right now, but the good news is that Huddersfield are up next. They are no good at all.

We’ve broken down some of the key areas and individual match ups that could decide the outcome.

1. Keep it on the deck

Only Watford and Burnley have won more aerial battles than the Terriers this year. Of course, part of that is that their play style, at both ends, leads to plenty of balls contested in the air. Still though, they’re a tall, strong team this might be the one area that they’re better on paper than the Foxes.

Unfortunately, it also plays against our recent trends in play. Pereira, Ghezzal, Chiwell, Gray and Albrighton have been pouring down the wings and putting in crosses. With Vardy against this back line, don’t bother. If they can get the ball into Maddison, he can pick lanes to get Vardy in behind on the ground where he could easily tear them apart.

2. Set piece defending

Following on from that theme, set pieces are a good way for more physical teams to get themselves on the score sheet. Huddersfield have scored twice from them this season, which is hardly dominant, but changes a little when you consider that Huddersfield have not yet scored from open play.

None at all. Five games. It’s almost impressive ineptitude. We’ve also been a little inept at defending from open play of late, but if they can keep the Terriers out from free kicks and corners, they have a good chance to finally put up another clean sheet.


I don’t want to get too simplistic on this one, but it is sadly my nature. Huddersfield are no good. They’ve scored two. They’ve conceded thirteen. That’s included some tricky fixtures, but also Cardiff at home. If you can’t win that one, can you win any?

Honestly, I feel like this game should be easy, which is really not something you get to say often as a Leicester fan. If the Foxes can fly right they’ll walk away with three points. If. Red cards, penalties and plenty of risky challenges that could have lead to more of either; flying right has not been our strong suit.

Just keep it simple, play it properly, get it to Vardy and win the damn game.