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What we learned from Leicester City vs Norwich City

Nobody’s perfect

Leicester City v Norwich City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Leicester City’s fantastic winning run finally came to an end, as they were held at home by a very hard working Norwich City side. Here are some things we can take from the performance.

1. Hey, it happens

That was really not the Leicester City performance we’ve come to expect lately. The runs just weren’t quite right, the passes were just a little off and the precision that makes this style so effective was not there. It happens.

As a knock on, our looseness and Norwich’s good defensive work meant we struggled to hang onto the ball. We’ve taken over second half games in the past, but just couldn’t tire out the Canaries this time.

It was one of those days, we’ve been on an unbelievable run and sometimes it does have to come to an end in cases and today it has but Norwich are a good side, they created some, possession was fairly even and they’ve got some good players going forward - James Maddison gave Norwich credit, talking to

Teemu Pukki’s clever runs also exposed some weaknesses that hadn’t appeared at the back before. Without some excellent recoveries and saving tackles by Söyüncü, Ndidi and Pereira, things could have been worse.

And that absolutely just happens sometimes. Manchester City lost to this team. Chelsea just lost to Bournemouth and West Ham. Liverpool...well, they’re just freaks right now. The Foxes need to improve their play a lot before they play the big teams next week, but they definitely can.

2. Harvey Barnes’ inexperience showing

Probably chief amongst Leicester’s disappointing performances was Harvey Barnes. The young winger was introduced at half time to change the game, but he didn’t seem to be on the same page as his teammates, and nothing seemed to work.

Particularly frustrating was just how predictable his play was for the defenders. As an inverted winger, he prefers to cut back inside rather than go past on the outside, but he can’t do that every single time. If they aren’t worried about you going left, it’s much easier to defend the right.

Remember though, this time last year he was playing in the Championship, and he’s made just 22 Premier League starts. His play is frustrating right now, but only because the talent is clearly there. He needs time.

On the same note, Demarai Gray appeared to take a step back too. He was trying too hard for special and not looking for passes. But these are the same two players everyone was lavishing with praise two weeks ago. Yes, we can improve at winger, but for fans to now say neither will ever be good enough is just ridiculous.

3. Ben Chilwell is still getting better

Especially frustrating was that when he first broke into the team, Barnes seemed to have an immediate connection with the other academy product starring on the left, but on Saturday it looked like they’d never played together. Even without much help, the England LB put in a great performance.

For the second week in a row, he held up fine on his own defensively, and this time was probably Leicester’s most dangerous player going forward, running right through their defence a few times.

Why would you sell players in January when you’re still 2nd in the league? It was reassuring to hear this from Brendan Rodgers, especially in the case of Chilwell, who’s only getting better at the moment.

That’s what you hope for from a player who is still (for the next week) just 22. It’s great to have a backup like Christian Fuchs, but Chilwell could become the best all around LB in the league if he keeps improving.