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Fosse Fashion

Leicester release their new home kit to much praise.

New year, new digs.

If you haven’t seen the new home kits, I think you’re going to like them. Over the past few seasons, the new trend is to release the new home kit for next season and wear it for your final home match. It’s kind of unfortunate they do it this way, because one of the highlights of the off season was all the speculation surrounding what the new kits would look like. At least we can spend that time trying to sign Youri Tielemans and geeking out over away and third kits.

Amazing, right? The checker with the three golden stripes brings back memories of our last blue and gold kit. No pressure, Brendan, but the last time we had that combo, we won the title.

The Goalkeeper

Uhm, just look at this beauty of a kit.

Not sure I’ve seen a better goalkeeper kit.

If this is the direction Adidas is going to go with our style, I am here for it. My biggest complaint for kit sponsors is how generic they are with all the little teams, leaving their creative stuff for the bigger sides. I think Leicester, and every club, deserve to have a say in what their players wear and shouldn’t have to wear cookie cutter combos like other clubs.

Wear to buy

You can now purchase them from the online shop. The away kits usually come out in June or July, so fire up your old version of photoshop and create whatever wacky kit rumor you’d like to see. Someone will be retweet it.