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James Maddison provides update on Harry Maguire transfer situation

Detective Madders beat every journalist to the scoop.

Leicester City v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

With just over a week until the Premier League transfer window closes there has been no clear resolution to the Harry Maguire transfer saga. It has been reported that Manchester United maintains their interest in the England international defender, but Leicester City will not part with him cheaply.

As this back and forth continued to unfold, news broke that Maguire missed training Monday. This, of course, set off alarm bells across English media.

Many speculated that it must mean a deal was close to completion, or even that the defender was refusing to participate in training as a way to force the move.

What else could possibly explain his absence?

Mystery solved by Detective Madders.

And just in case some were still skeptical of this “James Maddison” and his reliability as a reporter, Maguire seemed to confirm a link to him by replying to one of his tweets.

Further confirmation of Maddison’s report came in the form of Maguire returning to training on Tuesday. Those looking for updates on the Maguire saga now have a new number one source in mystery reporter James Maddison.