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Three Leicester City players self isolating as Corona Virus precaution

A worrying sign for the whole league

Leicester City v Birmingham City - FA Cup Fifth Round Photo by Plumb Images/Leicester City FC via Getty Images

Brendan Rodgers today opened his press conference with some bad news that could have an impact on the Leicester City season beyond just player availability. Three players have been isolated in response to symptoms that could be caused by COVID-19 (caused by the coronavirus).

At this stage, there’s not a lot more that we know. The players in question are being kept private, as is their right in a medical case, but it has been reported that they are first team squad members.

It’s also important to stress that none of these players have yet been tested. This is purely a precautionary measure in response to symptoms.

Nonetheless, it must be a bad sign for the Premier League. Several high profile sporting events have already announced play suspensions or cancellations, including other European football leagues.

If players do become infected, which has by no means been confirmed, then surely the English leagues will have to follow. It already seemed only a matter of time before games were moved behind closed doors for public safety.

As things stand, however, no such action is being talked about before this weekend, which seems...odd at best.

As of right now, the club are continuing to communicate in a way that suggests the game on Saturday is going ahead. After the virus announcement, Brendan Rodgers went on to discuss the match as usual and there has been no indication of any other plan.