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Every Jamie Vardy Premier League goal ranked: 99-61

No goal is a bad goal, but...

Aston Villa v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

With the season postponed until April 30th at earliest, Jamie Vardy will be stuck on 99 Premier League goals for a while longer. What better time to review every single goal from worst to first, starting today with numbers 99-61.

99. 14/04/18 Burnley 2-1 Leicester City (FT: 2-1)

There has to be a worst and a late consolation in a loss to Burnley sounds right. Claude Puel call the race for Europe “over” after this, and he was very much correct.

98. 26/09/15 Leicester City 2-5 Arsenal (FT: 2-5)

We got smashed. Not fun.

97. 09/10/16 Liverpool 2-1 Leicester City (FT: 4-1)

And again.

96. 26/09/15 Leicester City 1-0 Arsenal (FT: 2-5)

And again, but it was fun to be ahead for a little while.

95. 17/04/16 Leicester City 1-0 West Ham (FT: 2-2)

Fine in hindsight, but hands up if you thought the sky was falling when he got sent off.

94. 21/03/15 Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Leicester City (FT: 4-3)

The last loss before the Great Escape, but we didn’t know that then.

93. 07/04/18 Leicester City 1-2 Newcastle United (FT: 2-1)

Consolation goal at the start of a really disappointing late season collapse.

92-90. 10/08/18, 31/01/18, 09/09/17 Leicester City 1-2 Everton/Manchester United/Chelsea (FT: 1-2)

Easy goals. Bad games. We lost.

89. 23/09/17 Leicester City 2-3 Liverpool (FT: 2-3)

Again, no impact on a loss = bad goal.

88. 10/02/19 Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Leicester City (FT: 3-1)

Came on to make a point after being dropped by Puel. Still bad though.

87. 09/03/19 Leicester City 2-0 Aston Villa (FT: 4-0)

Great to see him back and scoring, but I don’t want that to be a penalty, for or against us.

86-85. 14/02/16, 30/12/17 Arsenal/Liverpool 0-1 Leicester City (FT: 2-1)

Fun to go ahead! But we lost.

84. 13/05/18 Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Leicester City (FT: 4-5)

As above, but a more entertaining game.

83. 02/03/19 Watford 1-1 Leicester City (FT: 2-1)

A sign that he was ready to hit form in Brendan Rodgers’ first game...but we lost.

82-81. 11/08/17 Arsenal 1-2 Leicester City, Arsenal 2-3 Leicester City (FT: 4-3)

Put us ahead twice in a back and forth game, but all for nothing after two late goals.

80. 16/09/17 Huddersfield Town 1-1 Leicester City (FT: 1-1)

A penalty to rescue a single point against Huddersfield.

79. 03/02/18 Leicester City 1-0 Swansea (FT: 1-1)

Another disappointing point earned.

78. 21/05/17 Leicester City 1-1 Bournemouth

The Foxes dropped to 12th on the last day, but Bournemouth were decent then.

77. 30/03/19 Leicester City 2-0 Bournemouth (FT: 2-0)

A simple header to finish off a comfortable win.

76. 18/03/17 West Ham 1-3 Leicester City (FT: 3-2)

Bundled in to ensure our first away win of a very mediocre season.

75-72. 03/10/15, 29/09/18, 01/12/18, 04/12/19 Leicester City 1-0 Norwich/Newcastle/Watford/Watford (FT: 2-0)

Weird that this is a category, but here we are - penalty to open a 2-0 win over a bad team.

71. 20/01/18 Leicester City 1-0 Watford (FT: 2-0)

But this time the penalty was given against Leicester legend Molla Wagué.

70. 26/02/19 Leicester City 2-0 Brighton (FT: 2-1)

Another win iced later on. Shiny new manager Brendan Rodgers watched from the stands.

69. 24/11/18 Brighton 1-1 Leicester City (FT: 1-1)

One of Puel’s early experiments at dropping Vardy ended like the rest: he came on to rescue a point from the penalty spot.

68-66. 01/04/17, 04/04/17, 03/11/19 Leicester City 2-0 Sunderland/Stoke/Crystal Palace (FT: 2-0)

Every goal before now was a penalty or simple close range finish. None of these changed the game, but were well taken goals.

65. 23/11/19 Brighton 0-2 Leicester City (FT: 2-0)

Missed penalty, rebound scored, VAR shenanigans, re-taken, Vardy goal. An excellently confusing run of events and one we definitely all enjoyed.

64. 17/10/15 Southampton 2-1 Leicester City (FT: 2-2)

Kicked off a 2-goal comeback, at a time when the Foxes were becoming famous for them.

63. 09/03/19 Leicester City 3-0 Aston Villa (FT: 4-0)

This game was still slightly in the balance until goal 99 turned it into a party.

62. 31/10/18 Brighton 0-2 Leicester City (FT: 2-0)

The Seagulls were really pushing hard for an equaliser until Vardy finished them of in the 96th minute.

61. 02/02/16 Leicester City 2-0 Liverpool (FT: 2-0)

A poachers goal to finish off a fun game. You might remember the first goal from this win a little better.