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Every Jamie Vardy Premier League goal ranked: 60-31

Some of these were good!

Crystal Palace v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Plumb Images/Leicester City FC via Getty Images

With the season postponed until April 30th at earliest, Jamie Vardy will be stuck on 99 Premier League goals for a while longer. What better time to review every single goal from worst to first, moving on today to goals 60-31. Previously: 99-61.

60-59. 06/04/19 Huddersfield 0-2 Leicester City, Huddersfield 1-4 Leicester City (FT: 4-1)

Vardy tore the Terriers apart all game as Brendan Rodgers brought rebuilt some positivity.

58. 15/04/17 Crystal Palace 0-2 Leicester City (FT: 2-2)

A classic Mahrez-Vardy counter in that beautiful pinstripe kit, but the game ended very disappointingly.

57. 23/01/16 Leicester City 2-0 Stoke City (FT: 3-0)

Long ball from Drinkwater, Vardy rounds the keeper and sticks it away. The 15/16 season in a nutshell.

56. 21/12/19 Leicester City 1-0 Manchester City (FT: 1-3)

A fantastic ball through from Harvey Barnes. this felt really good at the time, but not so much by the end of the game.

55. 29/04/17 West Bromwich Albion 0-1 Leicester City (FT: 1-0)

Pounced on a bad backpass to decide an otherwise poor game.

54. 27/08/16 Leicester City 1-0 Swansea City (FT: 2-1)

A strong finish under heavy defensive pressure to kick off the Foxes’ first win as defending Premier League champions.

53. 10/02/18 Manchester City 1-1 Leicester City (FT: 5-1)

A very impressive solo goal, but also we lost 5-1.

52. 28/04/19 Leicester City 3-0 Arsenal (FT: 3-0)

A simple tap in, but it’s always fun to win so comfortably against Arsenal.

51. 09/05/18 Leicester City 2-1 Arsenal (FT: 3-1)

A penalty to put us ahead for our first league win over the Gunners since 1994.

50. 19/09/15 Stoke City 2-2 Leicester City (FT: 2-0)

A good finish to complete our 2nd consecutive 2-goal comeback.

49. 01/12/19 Leicester City 1-1 Everton (FT: 2-1)

Nothing special, but it did set us up for Kelechi Iheanacho’s breathtaking last second winner.

48. 24/05/15 Leicester City 1-0 QPR (FT: 5-1)

Kicked of a celebratory last day, and kept up the momentum that fired us on into the next season.

47. 29/08/15 Bournemouth 1-1 Leicester City (FT: 1-1)

An 86th minute penalty to keep the Foxes unbeaten. Also kicked off an 11 game goalscoring run, which must be some kind of record.

46. 01/01/19 Everton 0-1 Leicester City (FT: 1-0)

A classic Vardy counter attack goal, in a game devoid of any other inspiration.

45. 24/10/15 Leicester City 1-0 Crystal Palace (FT: 1-0)

Another tight game decided by a fast break. Kicked off a winning run, which took us to the top the table.

44. 17/10/15 Southampton 2-2 Leicester City (FT: 2-2)

A 90+ minute equaliser is always great, especially when the team has fought back from two goals down.

43. 13/09/15 Leicester City 2-2 Aston Villa (FT: 3-2)

Yet another come back from two goals behind. This one was eventually completed by Nathan Dyer’s spectacular, semi-conscious, 90th minute winner.

42. 28/04/19 Leicester City 2-0 Arsenal (FT: 3-0)

His cheeky lob came back off the crossbar, but Vardy was there to head the rebound home. Just a fun goal, assisted by Kasper Schmeichel.

41. 09/03/19 Leicester City 3-1 Fulham (FT: 3-1)

Finished off a dominant game for the striker. A sign of a future to look forward to under the new manager.

40. 07/11/15 Leicester City 2-0 Watford (FT: 2-1)

Won and scored a penalty to take his scoring run to 9 games.

39. 22/12/18 Chelsea 0-1 Leicester City (FT: 1-0)

A bright spot in an otherwise bleak season.

38. 08/08/15 Leicester City 1-0 Sunderland (FT: 4-2)

The first goal of the title winning season. Really kicked things off on a good note.

37-36. 29/09/19 Leicester City 2-0 Newcastle, Leicester City 4-0 Newcastle (FT: 5-0)

Who doesn’t enjoy a good 5-0 win?

35. 10/12/16 Leicester City 1-0 Manchester City (FT: 4-2)

A nice pass and finish, which kicked off a very memorable win after just three minutes.

34. 20/04/19 West Ham United 1-1 Leicester City (FT: 1-2)

An excellent first time volley, flicked past the keeper at the near post. Turned the game around.

33. 27/02/17 Leicester City 3-0 Liverpool (FT: 3-1)

This was a huge win for a desperate team. A fantastic performance and three points to take us out of the relegation zone.

32. 09/03/19 Leicester City 2-1 Fulham (FT: 3-1)

The go ahead goal in Rodgers’ first big morale-booster. Set up by a fantastic long ball from James Maddison.

31. 29/08/19 Sheffield United 0-1 Leicester City (FT: 2-1)

Another exquisite Maddison pass to split the defence, this time with the outside of his foot. Smashed home first time, but it’s all about that assist.