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Every Jamie Vardy Premier League goal ranked: 10-1

Here’s to 99 more

FBL-ENG-PR-LEICESTER-MAN UTD Photo credit should read OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images

With the season postponed until April 30th at earliest, Jamie Vardy will be stuck on 99 Premier League goals for a while longer. What better time to review every single goal from worst to first, finishing today with the top 10. Previously: 99-61, 60-31, 30-11.

10. 19/10/19 Leicester City 1-1 Burnley (FT: 2-1)

It was important for the Foxes to win that day, as the fans had just completed their Walk for Vichai, honouring the life of their late chairman. Jamie Vardy, as ever, got the celebrations underway, kicking off a incredible 8-game winning run.

9. 10/12/16 Leicester City 4-0 Manchester City (FT: 4-2)

Just when you thought the game couldn’t get any better, Vardy pulls out this finish from a near impossible angle, bagging his first Premier League hat trick.

8. 14/12/15 Leicester City 1-0 Chelsea (FT: 1-0)

A perfect example of the near psychic connection between Vardy and Mahrez. This win saw Mourinho sacked and Leicester top on Christmas Day. Perfection.

7. 29/09/14 Leicester City 4-3 Manchester United (FT: 5-3)

Jamie Vardy’s very first Premier League goal. A classic 1-on-1 finish to give us the lead in one of the most spectacular halves of football I’ve ever seen. This game was a glimpse of the striker’s form to come the following season.

6. 28/11/17 Leicester City 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur (FT: 2-1)

I just love this goal. The perfect ball from Albrighton and an incredible first touch finish. Nothing the defence could do to stop it.

6. 10/03/18 West Bromwich Albion 1-1 Leicester City (FT: 4-1)

An impossible finish for a mere mortal to even contemplate. The timing on the run has to be spot on, the concentration to watch the ball over his shoulder all the way is impressive, and even then plenty of strikers would struggle to make contact, let alone stick it in the bottom corner.

4. 25/10/19 Southampton 0-9 Leicester City (FT: 9-0)

9-0. 9. N I N E.

3. 02/02/16 Leicester City 1-0 Liverpool (FT: 2-0)

No one needed the clip to remember this one, but we all wanted it. Not just a great volley, but the goal that convinced a lot of us that this title run was really happening.

2. 28/11/15 Leicester City 1-0 Manchester United (FT: 1-1)

Hold the back page. Hold the front page. A Leicester player has smashed the record.

...Also check out that pass from Fuchs.

1. 11/04/15 West Bromwich Albion 2-3 Leicester City (FT: 3-2)

For some reason, the highlights always miss out the best part: the ever tenacious Vardy starts this move inside his own half by mugging an unsuspecting Gareth McAuley and carries the ball all the way into the penalty area.

The finish is great and in every way it’s really the archetypical Jamie Vardy goal, but it’s not number 1 for aesthetics alone. This was, in my opinion at least, Leicester City’s most important ever Premier League goal.

The Foxes were still rock bottom at this point. In hindsight, the Greatest Escape was already underway, but you could feel the momentum slipping away. Vardy’s 91st minute winner turned that around in an instant, and suddenly it felt like they couldn’t possibly go down.

It’s a great goal by itself, but without his 3rd, we might never have had the chance to see goals 6-99.