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The 15 Greatest Leicester City Goals from this millennium

Get in, you beauties! And they’re all beauties.

Muzzy Izzet
Spoiler alert: Not the #1 goal

Leicester City are not, traditionally, a team known for aesthetics. We’re much more “Nigel Pearson” than, say “Paulo Sousa”. That doesn’t mean we don’t score great goals, as Jack’s marvelous series ranking all of Jamie Vardy’s goals demonstrates.

Jack considered importance on his list; I’m not doing that here. These are goals to be admired for their sheer beauty, even if they’re consolations in 5-2 FA Cup defeats to Chelsea. There were, frankly, more to consider than I had room for, so instead of making this a top 10, let’s go with a top 15.

15. Harvey Barnes v. Sheffield United (2018)

An absolute screamer of a half-volley. It had both power and placement, but really, the power was plenty.

14. Stan Collymore v. Sunderland 2000

Collymore scored a hat trick on his Filbert Street debut. His first is the pick of the litter here, an instinctive strike from the edge of the box that three keepers wouldn’t have stopped.

13. Ben Marshall v. Chelsea 2012

It was just a consolation, but what a goal it was. A pity that would prove to be his high water mark with the Foxes.

12. Riyad Mahrez v. Chelsea (2015)

A cross from Albrighton finds Mahrez deep in the box. You think he’s taken too many touches, but he’s in complete control the whole time and the result was never in doubt.

11. Christian Fuchs v. Crystal Palace (2016)

One of the best players ever to wear the shirt from a technical standpoint, Fuchs could not possibly have hit this better.

10. Joey Gudjonssen v. Hull City (2006)

More audacious than anything, Gudjonssen saw the keeper off his line and just lined it up from the half way line.

9. Riyad Mahrez v. Manchester City (2016)

I may be in the minority on this, but I prefer this to the Chelsea goal. Skills like this make the finish almost an afterthought.

8. Martyn Waghorn v. Coventry City (2009)

The goal comes at the 10 second mark in the video, and it’s well worth the minimal wait. It doesn’t get any more route 1 than this. Wags somehow gets it on target with his first touch despite having a defender on him.

7. Jamie Vardy v. Liverpool (2016)

You know this one. In a battle of wits between Simon Mignolet and Jamie Vardy, there was only going to be one winner.

6. Andy King v. Leeds United (2011)

I don’t have an embedded video for this, but do click this link and watch it. Newer fans may not have seen it, but Kingy could absolutely belt them in.

5. Dion Dublin v. Rotherham (2004)

It was Dublin’s first goal for Leicester and he had no business scoring it. Don’t watch the rest of the video as it is chock-full-o-spoilers.

4. James Maddison v. Watford (2017)

Albrighton is again the provider with a first-time crossfield ball that Maddison controls in the air for ten yards before lashing it into the net.

3. Jamie Vardy v. West Bromwich Albion (2018)

It’s absolutely mad to even attempt this goal. A long ball that you take over your shoulder and then volley across the keeper into the far corner isn’t something mortals even consider.

2. Muzzy Izzet v. Grimsby Town (2002)

Most bicycle kicks that find the back of the net are scuffed off the shin or otherwise have a bit of good fortune to them. Izzet thumps this one as sweetly as you’d like and it’s an absolute rocket.

1. Lilian Nalis v. Leeds United (2003)

This was always going to be #1, wasn’t it? Nalis’ first goal for the Foxes combines everything you want in a great goal: Technique, vision, and an attempt to do something absolutely bonkers that only comes off one time in a hundred.

That’s my list. You could put any of the top five in any order and I wouldn’t argue, but I do think I have the right top five. What do you think? What’s the best Leicester City goal you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments.