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Leicester City know what they need from the final day of the Premier League season

It’s still in our hands

Manchester United v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images

For weeks now, Leicester fans have been waiting on the results of other teams, especially Chelsea and Manchester United, with baited breath.

Every time the Foxes slipped up we were hoping for someone to do us a favour, never certain what it would take to get us across the line for Champions League qualification.

All but the last games have been played now, and all favours cashed in. We’ve dropped out of the top 4 and the situation isn’t nearly as good as we’d hoped, but at least we know what it is now.

The Foxes head into the final Sunday just one point behind both sides, with a much better goal difference than Chelsea, equal to Manchester United.

The formula always gets very simple at this point. We have to better the result of either or both teams to finish in the top 4.

That means beating United.

We need to draw on everything, we’ll be ready for it come next Sunday. We’ve had two tough games in a four-day period, so we’ll need to get away and have a bit of recovery. The players have been absolutely fantastic until now and we’ll get them physically and mentally right and it’s one last opportunity to arrive in that top four. We’ll come off the pitch having given everything to do that - Brendan Rodgers was clear in what expects from his team

Yes, there is still one more favour we could be granted. Chelsea have to play Wolves, a very strong team who are still looking to secure 6th, but I’m pretty much done with counting on other teams to win.

The Foxes have to win, which is a very tall order with two key defenders injured, one suspended, a backup also hurt and another who it turns out is just not very good.

The better news is that the final day often sees teams playing a little freer and looser. Last year there were three four-goal games, one with five and another with 8. The Foxes best chance might be in a similar style of game.

I wouldn’t describe myself as confident in the team going into this game. Not even close. But I do think that Jamie Vardy finding space and bagging a couple of goals would be a big help, and I’ll never bet against that.