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Fosse Posse Product Review: The Only Leicester City Jacket You Will Ever Need

You really need to see this one. Trust us.

Leicester City 2019-2020 club jacket.
This is the photo from the seller’s site. It seriously understates how amazing this jacket looks.

This is the first entry in what may wind up being a continuing series (but probably won’t): We here at the Fosse Posse review extremely dubious Leicester City-branded merchandise so you don’t have to. Today, we’re going to kick this off with a bang: The absolute most-amazing Leicester City jacket ever produced!

This was first brought to our attention a couple of months ago and we all had a good laugh because, oh boy is this It’s a jacket featuring the entire 2019/20 squad on the front, asymmetrical sleeves in blue, black, and gold, and the club badge on the back with every player’s signature. Oh, and there are Premier League lions on each sleeve.

The site selling this little gem is, which absolutely does not look like a fly-by-night affair that is as likely to steal your credit card as it is to deliver quality goods. The price was listed at an extremely reasonable $29.99 USD (£22.97), which seemed too good to be true. Which, as it turns out, it was. The $29.99 was for the smallest size. I am many things, but “the smallest size” is not one of them. The price for all other sizes, including the XL, was $69.99*. Seeing as I live in Texas, the tug of fate was clearly present and I ponied up for it immediately.

Two months passed and I had almost forgotten the purchase and, had I not, I would have chalked it up to a learning experience. I checked my mail and, what should be in the box but a small, floppy package that was postmarked in China (not Texas, to no one’s surprise). I eagerly tore open the package and my jaw hit the floor.

It was glorious.

Close up of the back of the jacket featuring the signatures of all of the players.
There is a non-zero chance that some of these signatures are accurate!

So, here’s my review of the Gifts of Texas Leicester City jacket:

The jacket itself is light. I was able to wear it for a photo shoot in something approaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit without any severe discomfort (I’ve lived in Texas for a long, long time). I don’t believe it would provide much warmth to anyone once the temperatures drop below 50 degrees.

Front of the jacket modeled by some unknown chav.
A look that says “I’m off to Monaco to win the GP for my supermodel girlfriend and then drop a verse on Cardi B’s latest banger.” Also “I need a haircut.”

The shell of the jacket is a light, satiny-but-clearly-not-satin fiber that I wouldn’t trust in the rain or even a dense fog. The inner lining feels like the white plastic foam they stuff inside throw pillows. There are a couple of pockets that you can put your hands in to look extremely cool, but I wouldn’t store anything in them.

The sizes run a little small, but not as much so as I expected. It fit me reasonably well in spite of my quarantine-induced girth. The quality of manufacture, however, is a little short of top-notch. One of the snaps came straight through the coat before I even put it on. A pair of pliers were able to re-affix it, but remember that this a fashion item, not a work coat, and treat it accordingly.

Full image of the back of the jacket.
Michael Bay is jealous of my lens flare game. Also, against all odds, every player’s name is spelled correctly.

Most importantly, though: How did it look? It looked absolutely amazing. I am not a model, but you’d never know it from these photos. I would absolutely wear this jacket on match days, and I would probably wear it on cool nights in Miami or on a party boat in the Caspian sea. Representing your club has literally never looked better.

Verdict: 10 stars (out of 5).

* The price has dropped significantly since I bought it. I have no regrets.


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