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Leicester City are playing a dangerous transfer waiting game

Is anyone there?

Leicester City v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Leicester City’s summer break is nearly half way through already. Great news, as I’m sure we’re all keen for more football, as ever.

On the other hand, the new season starts in 25 days and the Foxes’ full transfer activity so far is as follows:

  • Papy Mendy has left on a free
  • Daniel Iverson loaned to Leuven

With several areas of the squad in obvious need of strengthening (at least for depth) ahead of a very busy season, you have to wonder just exactly what they’re waiting for.

Or you would have to wonder, if it wasn't already quite clear.

No summer would be complete for Leicester City fans without a story about a player leaving that just runs and runs for months on end.

This year it’s Ben Chilwell and Chelsea (or is it Manchester United?)

Management will hold out for a fee that they just can’t say no to, preferably a record for the position, and it’s hard to complain too much about that.

The issue is that the club seems reluctant to conduct any transfer business until they know what’s going to happen with this one. If previous summers are anything to go by, that might not be right up until the deadline.

I understand it’s a difficult situation; as soon as they sign his replacement, their bargaining power in this sale will fall off a cliff.

Is it really wise to play this right out to the end, though? Christian Fuchs is hurt and they cannot afford to start the season with a mostly untested teenager as their only left back.

We’ve already missed out on one reported interest in Kostas Tsimikas, who Liverpool turned to only because Norwich are also determined to play hard ball for our other apparent target Jamal Lewis.

Even if Chiwell sale gets done in plenty of time, there’s no guarantee that a replacement will be easy to find. LB is also far from the only position of need.

The Foxes head into the season with just two Premier League quality CBs, one of whom will be suspended for the first three games.

Unless you count Matty James, we have only 3 players covering the two advanced CM positions that Rodgers has liked to play with.

Justin James is the only fit RB.

And those are just the depth issues. We all know the team needs to add another winger and, for some reason, would like to replace Iheanacho as the back up striker.

That’s a lot of business to get done in 3 weeks. I, for one, would be a lot more conformable if they could just get on with it.