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Leicester City transfer rumours: Foxes chasing Atalanta fullback

At this point, we’ll take anyone


We’re all getting pretty desperate for Leicester City transfer news by now. Its very nearly September.

This might not count as news exactly, but if you’ve been following the Foxes for even a little while, you probably know that when Kristof speaks, we listen. Especially when it comes to Belgians.

Castagne is just the next in a very long line of names linked with us at fullback this summer, but this is by far the most concrete of stories so far.

The Atalanta wingback is an interesting if unexpected candidate to replace Ben Chilwell, not least because one of the players thought to be at the top of the list before now was his teammate Robin Gosens.

Unlike Gosens, he’s also an add choice because he’s primarily a right sided player, although he has played effectively on the left at times as well.

His ability to play either side, along with Justin James, would help to provide the depth and flexibility that we were so lacking at the position at the end of last season, but is he the best to improve the first team?

The easiest comparison to make is with Gosens, who often kept him out of the team for Atalanta.

Castagne is very useful going forward and actually provided more xA per 90 minutes than his german counterpart, although he couldn’t get close in xG.

The other end of the pitch is more of a concern. His defensive numbers are much worse than Gosens, who himself is an attack minded player.

Still, he’s only 24 and comes with international and Champions League experience. He would be an addition to the squad and it’s hard to be too critical of that at the moment.

This signing to me would indicate that Rodgers is looking to play with a back 3 much more regularly. The 24 year old would be a useful addition to our wide options there, along with Ricardo, JJ and Luke Thomas.

The issue is of course that we don’t currently have 3 defenders to play, unless you include Justin, which then sort of ruins the above.

Honestly, I don’t love this idea. I don’t think he could be our regular left back like Tagliafico, and I’m not sure he’s worth changing for like Gosens would be. But then I guess that’s why he’s half the price.

Maybe this just means they really do have a lot of faith in Thomas.