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Reviewing our preseason predictions

Our strengths hopefully lie elsewhere

Burnley FC v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images

“Surely we can’t do so badly again” we boldly proclaimed. We were, as has become tradition, quite wrong indeed.

Very nearly a full year ago, the Fosse Posse continued an annual practice of displaying our ineptitude by making predictions about the year to come. Understandably, no one foresaw a pandemic. Less understandably one of us foresaw Tottenham Hotspur at the top of the table.

This was the worst one yet.

Who wins the league?

As many of us said Liverpool as Spurs, but at least someone did get it right. Some of us weren’t too far off with Manchester City either.

Which teams are set for the drop?

In what will go down as the crowning glory of my time here at the Fosse Posse, we finished an incredible 0/15. Not one of us could predict even a single relegated team.

Everyone but me picked Sheffield United (9th), so I’m the smart one because I said Southampton (11th) were doomed.

Aston Villa and Brighton were the others we fancied most to go down. Both flirted with it, but ultimately made fools of us.

Who will surprise us, good or bad?

This is always a fairly embarrassing article, so permit to take just one moment to pat myself on the back here. I was upset that my colleagues were so down on the Blades and rightly predicted that they would shock us all.

To balance that out, three people whose opinions I intentionally sought out thought Norwich would do something similar. A big season for West Ham (16th) was the 2nd best answer here.

Where will Leicester finish?

This is the real reason I’m looking back to last year. The Foxes were coming off consecutive 9th place finishes, and I really thought I was being optimistic when I said 6th. Only Matt dared to dream of 5th.

The end of the season was a huge disappointment, but you don’t have to go back far before it looks spectacular.

Who will be Leicester City player of the season?

In our defence, Jamie Vardy has had many great years as a Fox and never been given the award before. Wilfred Ndidi would certainly also have been a very acceptable choice.

Ayoze Perez would not have been. Don’t worry, Matt will be dealt with.

Top scorer seems set, who will be our 2nd leading scorer?

Well I was right about top scorer! Shane and Matt disagreed and deserve to be dragged for that right here. Please leave comments below.

The other answers were split between Perez and Barnes, who were 2nd and 3rd respectively. A pretty good showing for the rest of us.

Finally and most importantly, will Leicester City concede more or fewer goals than Manchester United?

Deep sigh.

Of course we all said Leicester. This one looked so good for us right up until it didn’t.

I maintain that if City had finished the year with fit fullbacks, we would have got there. Certainly we saw that Maguire’s replacement was just as good, if not better, which was the real question being asked here.

Also big thanks to commenter Forgetting Naji Marshall, who sportingly took part and was nearly as bad as us.