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Fosse Posse predict the 2021/22 Premier League

Straight facts ahead

Manchester City v Leicester City - The FA Community Shield Photo by Alex Morton - The FA/The FA via Getty Images

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After a wildly successful season, it’s time to kick on and really push for the top.
No, not Leicester City, I’m of course talking about the Fosse Posse Premier League predictions.

Last year was our best ever effort (we even got some right), so if you want to know exactly how the next season will pan out, pay close attention.

Who will win the Premier League?

Jack: I always bet against Man City and it almost never works out.

Michael: Man City (unfortunately)

Jake: Man City - having the best manager and best players seems like a good combination

Matt: Chelsea

Helen: Man City if they add a striker

Anuradha: Chelsea as Man City haven’t signed a striker

Tanner: Man City but the closest title race in years

Tram: I think Man Utd’s recent acquisitions will help them a lot

Who will be relegated?

Jack: Watford, Brentford and Southampton

Michael: Watford, Newcastle and Burnley

Jake: Brentford, Crystal Palace and Watford

Matt: Southampton, Wolves and Newcastle

Helen: Burnley, Norwich and Watford

Anuradha: Norwich, Watford and Brighton

Tanner: Norwich, Brentford, and Southampton

Tram: Norwich City, Watford and Brentford

Biggest surprise club?

Jack: If their finishing improves from abysmal to even just bad, Brighton

Michael: Crystal Palace (let’s try this again)

Jake: A club that lost their best player but bought well and seem to be in it for the long haul: Norwich City. Who did you think I was describing?

Matt: Norwich City

Helen: Aston Villa even with Grealish gone

Anuradha: Aston Villa will cope with the loss of Grealish

Tanner: Crystal Palace, at least by Palace standards

Tram: West Ham. Leicester will have to compete with them for a UCL spot

Where will Leicester finish?

Jack: it hurts but 5th

Michael: 4th, for real this time

Jake: We will finish 3rd this year. I will brook no dissent.

Matt: 2nd

Helen: 5th with the investment the bigger clubs have made

Anuradha: hoping for 1st, but think it will be 4th

Tanner: 5th. I just don’e see how we close the gap on last year’s top 4

Tram: 5th

Who will be Leicester’s breakout star?

Jack: Harvey Barnes - he’s broken out, but this will be the next step up

Michael: Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall

Jake: Luke Thomas. By January, he’ll be the first choice left back.

Matt: Daka when he scores the Europa League winning goal

Helen: Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall. Expecting to hear a lot of that Oasis chant!

Anuradha: KDH

Tanner: Boubakary Soumaré. He could see minutes immediately if Ndidi is pushed to CB

Tram: Daniel Amartey

Who will be Leicester’s Player of the Year?

Jack: Ricardo Pereira

Michael: A healthy Ricardo Pereira

Jake: Wilfred Ndidi. He’s been among our best every year and somehow keeps getting better

Matt: Iheanacho for getting us to the Europa League final

Helen: Harvey Barnes to break the curse of the no. 7

Anuradha: Ndidi

Tanner: Harvey Barnes will terrorise defences all over Europe

Tram: Harvey Barnes

Will Leicester win a trophy (other than the widely acclaimed Community Shield)?

Jack: No. Cups take a back seat

Michael: My money’s on the even more acclaimed Carabao Cup

Jake: No. The focus will be on the Champions League

Matt: Europa League

Helen: my head says Europa League but my heart says Carabao Cup - Kasper and Vardz to win every major English trophy

Anuradha: Carabao Cup

Tanner: If the squad stays healthy we have a shot at Europa League and domestic cups

Tram: I think we have a shot at the FA Cup or Carabao

Who logs more minutes: record-breaking signing Jack Grealish or Southampton cast-off Ryan Bertrand?

Jack: I’ll say Grealish because I have high hopes for Luke Thomas

Michael: Grealish, but he’ll have less assists from set pieces!

Jake: I think they will play exactly the same number of minutes in the league due to Pep’s rotation system and Rodgers’ love of “respected veteran leaders”

Matt: Bertrand

Helen: Bertrand. Pep loves to play roulette with his selections

Anuradha: Easy answer, if not injured then Bertrand

Tanner: Bertrand, assuming the Man City squad stays healthy

Tram: £100M Grealish will get the same amount of minutes as £0 bertrand this season

So what have we learned?

We like Manchester City and we don’t like Watford, Leicester will finish in the top 5 (in no small part thanks to the contributions of Harvey Barnes and a host of players waiting to break out) and most of us are still pretty easy to bait into some light Grealish taunting.