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Join us and write for the Fosse Posse!

Together we can rule the galaxy

General Views of UK Football Stadiums Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Leicester City have signed nobody all summer. Not sure if you’ve heard.

But we won’t make the same mistakes as the club we love and we’re looking to add to our ranks. Good or bad, the Foxes’ seasons are always interesting, so why not come along for the ride with us?


The Foxes also have an exciting future ahead in the Women’s Super League, so I’d love to expand our coverage into the Leicester City Women as well. If that’s something you’d like to try then come aboard and get blogging.

We’re particularly interested in people who want to contribute regular articles, so if that sounds like you, let us know.

I could tell you how much we all love it, but why bother when I could just leave it to the inestimable Andy King:

I enjoyed reading that - he really said this, I promise

We’re looking forward to hearing from you whether you’re an experienced blogger or an enthusiastic first timer. If you have Leicester opinions to shout into the void, we want to hand you the megaphone.

If you’re interested in joining us (not a cult), you can get started by just filling out this little form.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Jack Lee

Managing Editor, The Fosse Posse