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Fosse Posse roundtable: what to do with Amartey?

Other than the obvious

Leicester City v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

After an up and down start to the season, the next question for the roundtable should have been how to fix Leicester City’s biggest weakness.
Unfortunately, the answer to that is just ‘bench Amartey’ so we’ll have to delve a little deeper.
Instead I asked whether the Foxes should stick with their back 3, or go to a 4.

Jack: the easy answer is to just play Cags but I have to assume there’s a good reason he didn’t play the first game, for my own sanity. Still I think with the wingers we currently have available, they have to stick with 3 for a few more weeks at least. JJ to LCB and Thomas in at wing back at least brings in another left foot, even if it torpedoes Justin’s impact on the game.
Jake: In “Dr. Strange In The Multiverse of Madness*”, the titular doctor suggested that there were uncountable universes and uncountable worlds existing in parallel with our own. There is no world in which a back three with Amartey on the left should be considered “Plan A.”

One of the traits of a great manager is the ability to put players in a position where they will succeed. Playing Amartey on the left of a back three has made me question Rodgers’ fitness as manager more than any other event to date.
*editors note: this is Jake’s most up to date reference by about 25 years. Please appreciate it.
Tanner: Imo ditch the back 3. We had so much success with a back 4 for years, and Amartey is a painfully below average defender. I do still think Cags can be a good defender, however BR’s lack of confidence in him is shocking and may say something about him. The fact that Cags can’t get into the team over DANIEL AMARTEY says there is something going on.
Sidd: Move to a back 4. I often like how Leicester look in a back 3, but it just doesn’t make sense if Cags and Vestergaard are truly on a level below Amartey right now. Mainly because Amartey in a back 3 with Ndidi in midfield means having two players not comfortable in possession, and that doesn’t lend itself to strong build up and chance creation. But I also don’t think James Justin is as comfortable at LWB yet compared to LB, especially with Amartey on the left unable to get him involved.

Honestly what I wanted to see was Justin at LCB with Ricardo and Castagne as wingbacks, but that dream has gone into hibernation again. As long as Harvey is out, maybe a 4-3-1-2 with Jamie and Kelechi up top? I’m open to ideas and I want to give Rodgers some time to figure out new plans, but not if they include Amartey as a regular starter.

Courtney: I like when we play in a back three since Justin, Ricardo, and Castagne all prefer to get forward. This is dependent on an in-form Ndidi, which has been absent for a while. Reluctantly I say we stick four at the back. Not sure what is going on with Cags, but if we play in a back three I prefer him over Amartey on the left side.

So those are our ideas. Surely not one of them can be worse than Brendan’s try. Let us know if you have the solution and we’ll pass it on to him.