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Fosse Posse roundtable: is Rodgers in trouble?

In or out?


Last week I asked the team what to do in defence and, while their was a variety of opinions, they all agreed that Amartey had to go.

Against Arsenal, Rodgers opted to keep the Ghanaian in at LBC, with predictably poor results. So now I must ask ‘if this keeps going, how long until Rodgers is in trouble?’

Jack: contrary to the popular Ranieri narrative, the owners actually have a very long fuse on managers if they aren’t in immediate danger of relegation (and even then with Pearson), so I’m not sure they’d even consider it until about March. The clubs longer term aims are still on ongoing and can they even afford it?

Jake: I think it’s equal parts “Brendan is in trouble” and “Brendan is fed up with this nonsense,” and I think we’re already at that point. When a manager goes into the window saying that they want to refresh the squad and the club aren’t able to get anything done, you’re going to see friction between the manager and the club.

My conspiracy theory is that other clubs are aware that Leicester can’t buy until they sell, so they’re holding off on making legitimate bids for our players until the very end of the window. This serves two purposes: driving down the price and preventing an opponent from buying reinforcements.

Tanner: Before I read Jake’s response, my thoughts were the exact same. BR has to be tired of this. He quite literally cannot play four at the back because we have no wingers. He knew the squad needed a refresh and the only thing the club has been able to accomplish is sign a third string goalkeeper. On top of that he will probably lose Fofana. So I think he is probably on the hot seat as we speak, but he is also probably fine with that if he doesn’t get some sort of help from the club.
Courtney: IF the club are going to get rid of Rodgers, I don’t feel it will happen until after the World Cup. They’ll want a replacement and there will likely be a few national team coaches available, or at least more willing to consider a move post tournament. I feel the club will wait to see how the season plays out post January transfer window, giving the new head of recruitment a chance to make an impact. But who knows, maybe Rodgers gets so fed up he chooses to leave before that.
Sidd: My most optimistic scenario possible has Leicester around 25-27 points heading into the world cup break. So let’s say if they’re under 15 by then, he’s gone by January. And if they’re under 20, discussions start heating up and maybe there’s a “mutual decision”. I think he’s still a great manager and I’d be sad to see him go. But sometimes lifecycles just come to an end and I don’t see him as the type to try and drag it out past that.

IF there is a change, it will be interesting to see whether they have someone new at the beginning of the break to give them 6 weeks with the squad, or wait until other coaches free up per Courtney’s point.

So there’s our take on the situation. What do you think? #RodgersIn or #RodgersOut?*

*After a short debate we won’t be accepting #RodgersShakeItAllAbout