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Fosse Posse Roundtable: where will the Foxes finish?

The rest of the football world is not feeling good about us

Leicester City v Charlton Athletic - FA Women’s Championship - King Power Stadium Photo by Joe Giddens/PA Images via Getty Images

The Fosse Posse have already made 2 more signings than Leicester City, so at the start of our new roundtable discussion format, I’d like to take a minute to introduce our team.
Jack Lee - Jack is our strongest and most handsome contributor, and can always be relied upon for total objectivity. I was born and raised in Leicester, so am the only one who never consciously decided to back the Foxes, it just happened.
Jake Lawson - Jake has been repping the Foxes in Texas since the mid 90s. He chose to do so just to spite a Liverpool fan, which is something we can all understand.
Tanner Krei - Tanner is a teacher whose love of the underdog is so strong that he chose to follow Leicester specifically because of that goal against Watford. Decide for yourself if he seems like the right person to be guiding our young.
Sidd Mandava - one of our new signings, Sidd lists his favourite website as ‘‘Ricardo Pereira’s FBRef page”, but otherwise seems ok. He bought heavily into the Jamie Vardy story and has followed since the promotion season. A pretty decent time to jump on board.
Courtney Hundley - adding to our ever expanding Texan legion is Courtney. As well as supporting the men’s team, she’ll be helping to expand our coverage of the women as well.

To kick off our roundtable series, we’re asking the team “where will Leicester finish in the upcoming Premier League season?”

Jack: I still think this is a very talented team. Last year everything that could go wrong did and we still finished 6 points off the top 6. I think 7th is reasonable.

Jake: the real answer is “I have no idea.” It’s less than a week before our first match and I don’t think any of us have any sense of what our squad will look like on 1 September. If we were to start the season with our current squad and if we were to have a normal season from an injury standpoint, I’d pick us 6th. I don’t believe either of those conditions will hold.

Tanner: as it looks increasingly likely that Fofana and Kasper will leave, my heart says top 7 but realistically I think we’ll be fortunate to finish 10th. Newcastle, Villa, and West Ham are all quality squads. Pair that with every one of the “big six” improving and the fact that Youri could still go does not fill me with optimism. We also haven’t improved in the transfer market and look unlikely to do so, while we have 10 players in the last year of their deals which could really negatively affect the dressing room. Not a lot of sunshine on the horizon for me.

Sidd: with the option to revise downward if Maddison or Lil Wes are sold, I’m going to follow the squad market value table and say the Foxes end up in 7th and back in my favorite European competition. No Europe and even a somewhat healthier team should lead to improvements, and only 3-5 of our outfield players headed to Qatar will mean a well-rested second half. One thing to look out for is the 10 players in the last year of their contract - will they look checked out, or will they improve their standards with the hope of signing a fat contract somewhere next year?

Courtney: set piece defense and injuries will make or break us. Both have been woeful the past season (or two) and both areas are seeing a shake-up at the club. With Kasper on the cusp of exiting the club, Ward is his likely replacement. Ward comes off his line to claim crosses, which surely will improve our defense from corners. It can’t get worse, right? In addition, there is a new Head of Medicine at the club. If both areas can modestly improve from the prior season, then we can push for fifth. Optimistic, but why not?

Last year I think we all thought somewhere between 4-6, so a spread of 5-10 is a little more uncertain this time.

I guess that makes sense since we don’t know who the players will be yet.

Are we too positive after a dead window, or too harsh on a squad that’s almost unchanged from the ones that nearly bagged 4th twice in a row? Let us know below.