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Following the Foxes from Texas since 1997. Former contributor to Sports Illustrated Fantasy Baseball guides and the book Essential Baseball 1994. Absolutely no footballing ability whatsoever.

Who Should Leicester City Target At Left Back?

A Summer Shopping Report Special January Edition In November!

Why Are Leicester City Suddenly Good?

Not gonna lie: This was a lot more fun to write than "Why are Leicester City Suddenly Bad?"

Match Report: West Ham United 0 - 2 Leicester City

The best defense in the Premier League does it again.

Carabao Cup Match Report: Leicester City 3 - 0 Newport County

Foxes coast to victory over Welsh side, but at what cost?

Match Report: Everton 0 - 2 Leicester City

The secret ingredient is "Youri"

Match Report: Leicester City 0 - 1 Manchester City

A Tale of Two Cities: It Was Neither The Best Nor The Worst Of Times

Match Report: Wolverhampton Wanderers 0 - 4 Leicester City

Foxes exit the relegation zone while asking "What’s xG?"

Match Report: Leicester City 2 - 0 Leeds United

Two goals from one shot on target. #Efficient

Match Report: Leicester City 0 - 0 Crystal Palace

If you missed this morning’s match, no you didn’t.

Leicester City’s Indefensible Defense

20th on the table, 1st in goals allowed!