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Player Ratings: Tottenham 0-2 Leicester City

Insert Mufasa.JPEG

Match Ratings: Leicester City vs. Everton

At least fans aren’t there to be disappointed

Player Ratings: Leicester City vs Fulham

There weren’t any heroes, but there were a lot of zeroes.

Match Report: Braga vs Leicester City

Sometimes we make no sense and still get the result.

Match Ratings: Leicester City vs Wolves

They huffed, puffed, and couldn’t blow the house down.

Player Ratings: Leicester City vs S.C. Braga

Nacho runs wild as Leicester secure top spot in the group G

Match Ratings: Arsenal vs Leicester City

Ünder Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Assist to Vardy Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of England

Player Ratings: Leicester City vs Zorya Luhansk

Everything is good again

Player Ratings: Leicester City vs Aston Villa

Villa bailed out by Barkley’s last gasp blast

Match Ratings: Manchester City vs Leicester City

Anyone have the time?